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The Soulard B3 Festival welcomes enthusiastic vendors who have a love for music and a passion for serving our community!

We provide a 10′ x 10′ space for you, you bring your 10′ x 10′ booth and supplies, and it’s game on!

Vending at the Soulard B3 festival provides you with an opportunity to make money while enjoying steady performances by a variety of bands. Whether you are selling homemade crafts or handmade art, the Soulard B3 festival will bring customers to you whom you might not have reached otherwise.

We’re looking for unique arts and craft vendors that would connect with our festival crowd, and the natural tourism draw that any Soulard event brings!

Our Vendor FAQ's

ALL vendors/exhibitors/sponsors who have liability insurance need to request a Certificate of Insurance naming the Soulard B3 Festival as an additionally insured entity.

Make this request to your insurance agent!
This is only required if you carry liability insurance. If you do not have liability insurance, then no action is necessary, except to let us know that you are exempt.

Provide the Certificate of Insurance to Soulard B3 Festival organizers via email at, or by mail within two weeks of registration. All documentation must be received no later than 8 weeks prior to the festival date.

Below are the two occasions which exempt you from requiring liability insurance (that we are aware of):

As the State of Missouri does not require businesses with fewer than five employees to carry liability insurance, we understand that some small businesses that participate in the Festival may not carry insurance. Please make sure that you fully understand the risks of not carrying liability insurance. All that is required for this circumstance is to contact us to inform us that you do not carry insurance and will not be providing this information. You can also relay this information to us by indicating it in the Message field in your registration form.

Some governmental agencies are self-insured and operate differently than corporate entities, and are thereby unable to name additionally insured.

Missouri requires Special Event vendors to register for a Missouri ID. If the vendor is a sole owner/partnership they are required to complete the Missouri Special Events Application form 2643S. If the vendor is an LLC or Corporation they are required to complete the Missouri Tax Registration Application. For more information please take a look at the Special Event FAQs or Download forms links below.

Special Event FAQs

Download forms

*See form 2643S – Missouri Special Events Application

Our Vendor application

Just read our info & FAQ’s, and apply below!

Thanks to our B3 Supporters

The Soulard Brews, Blues and Bites is an official SHARE event. The non-profit SHARE is a 501(c)(3) that was formed in 2021 when a group of individuals organized and filed papers with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

The SHARE mission is to promote, preserve, perpetuate, and encourage the music, culture, and heritage of Soulard and other communities in the Greater St Louis area through festivals; programs; and other cultural, educational, civic, and economic activities.