Thanks to everyone who performed, attended and participated in the
2023 Soulard B3 Festival

Made possible by our sponsors!

*The 2024 B3 fest is May 19th

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Thanks goes to the Normandy School Collaborative for their performance in the Second Line procession of the 2023 Soulard B3 Festival!

“It is our pleasure to share in the celebration of The Soulard B3 Festival in an effort to share culture in our St. Louis community.

The Normandy Vikings, under the direction of Mr. Terry Artis and Assistant Director Mr. Adam Yanick, are all looking forward to this great opportunity for our students. As we regroup and rebuild after the pandemic, this festival of events has the makings of fun filled days of unity and good old fun in Soulard.

The Normandy Schools Collaborative has been known for excellence in fine arts and our marching band in particular. We will play and dance in the traditional second line playing music that will get the handkerchiefs waving!“

Suzanne Palmer - Fine Arts Director
Normandy Schools Collaborative

See you May 19th, at the 2024 Soulard B3 Festival!

Watch for updates, and enjoy these 2023 photo galleries!

And always on the scene...

Ziggy Morgan

Reed Radcliffe

Dana Chapman

The B3 Festival 'Kids Zone'

The B3 Festival Volunteer Appreciation Party

Honoring our musical legends...

We'll see you May 19th
at the 2024 B3 Festival!